Very welcome, lovers of the female foot, to the CuadrupleF’s house! This is a place where the digital art and the foot fetish go hand with hand, here you will have the most exclusive and early part of my work.

For those who still do not know me, I introduce myself: I’m CuadrupleF (This name is because I dedicate myself to creating Female Foot Fetish Fantasies content) and I’m digital artist who performs different types of art, and I have this account focused on my facet as an artist of female foot fetish, my drawings, comics and animations shows sexy girls on situations of foot fetish, showing her feet, the women being adored by a men, and various scenes similars.

By becoming my patron, you will get access to exclusive works, these include drawings FFFF (Female Foot fetish fantasy) and FFFF comics, but especially exclusive, FFFF animations! all my animations are reserved only for my patrons, and the higher your Patron level, the more exclusive content you receive, you can see a free sample of my work, in my gallery on the DeviantArt website: https://www.deviantart.com/cuadruplef

Some questions:

· Who is my site membership for? For those true fans of my work, who want (and can) financially support my work with a small contribution, in exchange for this, I reward them with two particular things: first, with early access to future public works, and second, with access to EXCLUSIVE material, for them.

· Why put a “paywall” on my work, if other creators don’t have it? In order to continue dedicating myself to this or any other artistic activity, I need money, this reality is the same for anyone in the capitalist world in which we live, without money, it cannot live, the artists, whatever their type, they cann’t lives only to the air or on the cosmic energy of the universe, they need eat and need a house like you.

· So why don’t you just make Commissions? The commissions aren’t a safe life system, one month I can have many and another, none, it also implies a much greater personal expense for the fan, than simply one or five dollars a month, and if that one or five dollars are among many true fans, the expense is lower for the fans and much more beneficial for both me and them, because, for them, for less amount, they receive much more content in return, and for me also because, it gives me the peace of mind of be able to create freely.

· Why a personal page and not a Patreon or other personal alternative? Previously, I had a Patreon, however, I discovered that the content of the creators of Patreon is filtered towards a pirate website through a complex system, not as simple as “copy and paste” the content … but, in short, Patreon has assumed that it cannot legally fight against that site or provide protection against piracy of the creators’ work, so I do not see any point in receiving part of the money that my Patrons give me for using their platform, if they no can protect to their creators and his content.

· I don’t want or I cann’t pay to view the content. If you don’t want to pay to see the exclusive content of my page, nobody forces you to do it, but there is no other way to see it, sorry; if the case, it is that you want but you cannot, you should not force yourself to be able, if you cannot, you cannot, you can always see the public content of my DeviantArt, and maybe in a future where you have solid economic stability, you can support me, don’t worry, the content will still be here.

To what destination does the money that my Patrons give me? In the first place, to the maintenance of this site (You have to pay for hosting and others), in the second, to the vital needs (Food, water, the house, etc.) in the third, to emergency or work needs (A computer o Broken tablet, a service or storage device, resources to drawing or animates, etc.) and lastly, personal enjoyment, which may seem selfish in a way, but human beings also need disconnection and enjoyment to have a functional mind at work, the worst thing is that I forget about this more often than it should be.

· I have a question that is not reflected here. don’t worry, You can transfer that question (With de subject “One doubt”, Otherwise the message will not be attended) to artistaautodidacta07@gmail.com.